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11 - Two Ways to Catalog an Item: Stock Numbers vs. Barcode Labels

Two Ways to Catalog an Item: Stock Numbers vs. Barcode Labels

Effective inventory management is crucial for any business, and the Tire Shop Wizard program offers two efficient methods for cataloging items: assigning stock numbers and printing barcode labels. Each method has its own advantages and potential drawbacks. Here's a closer look at both systems.

Method 1: Assigning Stock Numbers

The first method involves marking an assigned stock number issued by the program on the item with a simple grease pencil. This takes seconds and is the recommended way of keeping track of inventory. This stock number can be entered into the system to instantly retrieve all related item information.


  1. Simplicity: This method is straightforward, requiring minimal resources. A simple grease pencil is enough to label the item.
  2. Cost-Effective: There are no additional costs for printing or label materials.
  3. Quick Setup: It's easy and quick to implement, with no need for specialized equipment.


  1. Manual Input Required: Although it takes only seconds, retrieving item information requires manually entering the stock number into the app or computer.
  2. Durability: Handwritten numbers can wear off over time, leading to potential issues in identifying items.
  3. Less Professional Appearance: Marked numbers may not look as professional or neat as printed labels.

Method 2: Printing Barcode Labels

The second method involves printing a thermal transfer barcode sticker that includes the size, title, and stock number issued by the program. Scanning the barcode with a smartphone will instantly access all the information attached to that barcode.


  1. Efficiency: Scanning a barcode is marginally faster than inputting a stock number.
  2. Durability: Thermal transfer labels are durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-term readability.
  3. Professional Appearance: Printed labels offer a neat and professional look, enhancing the overall organization of your inventory.


  1. Initial Setup Cost: This method requires a thermal transfer printer and barcode labels, which involves an initial investment.
  2. Maintenance: Printers and labels need to be maintained and replenished, adding to substantial ongoing operational costs.
  3. Technical Dependency: The method relies on technology, which can be a drawback if technical issues arise with the printer or barcode scanner.


Both methods offered by the Tire Shop Wizard program have their unique benefits and drawbacks. Assigning stock numbers is simple and cost-effective, ideal for most operators of the Tire Shop Wizard program.. Barcode labels offer more efficiency and professionalism, suitable for those looking to streamline their operations to the highest level.

Choosing the right method depends on your specific needs, resources, and long-term inventory management goals. Consider the scale of your inventory, budget, and the importance of speed to your operations to make an informed decision.